Jeffrey Small: Home Depot and Lowes – One under-performed; still gets rewarded?


Jeffrey Small, President of, Arbor Financial, and book author of “Turning Financial Planning, Right Side-side Up” discusses with Kurt Schemers and Don McKelvey on Traders Nation® how we’ve seen to some extent a recovery in housing since the Great Recession, and DYI’ers have been busy with their home projects too. Small gives us insight on the two major retailers geared towards home projects, Home Depot and Lowes. With this, we cover their numbers and who fares better in the market over the other.

Also discussed, one of these home centers under-performed but was rewarded by the street since their comp sales improved dramatically. Get the details of who it was, and what kind of numbers that helped them. Additionally, are consumers thinking twice before they engage into a large renovation or remodel projects since the sting of the housing crash still seems to be ever-present in the minds of homeowners?