Eddie Ghabour: Debt Management and “Found Money” Aid Retirement


Eddie Ghabour, co-owner of Key Advisors Group, and author of “The Common Sense Bull – The Keys to the good Life Before and During Retirement” discusses with Kurt Schemers and Don McKelvey on Traders Nation® Americans know they need to save for retirement, but find it difficult to do so.

Ghabour cuts it down to two factors and the first is debt management. It’s too easy to spend what money one has (or doesn’t have) with a simple click of a button – the Amazon affect. Another, get into better habits of saving for your future, and getting a simple plan of saving. Ghabour goes into great detail and gives viewers and listeners several suggestions to map out a strategy to accomplish this.

Additionally, to reach financial success, having the money in an investment portfolio is great, but being debt free is just as financially powerful for long term staying power in retirement. Ghabour and Schemers bring to the front “found money” and what it means to someone when they come across it, and what they should do with it when it lands on their lap. Get the details by tuning in today.