Tom Gandolfi: Steel and Aluminum Tariffs Leveraged for USMC Trade Agreement?


Tom Gandolfi, Founder, and CEO of, “Three Bridges Financial Group”, discusses with Kurt Schemers and Don McKelvey on Traders Nation® that with all the tariffs flying around, it looks as if the United States will be lifting the steel and aluminum tariffs on Canada and Mexico. We discuss what this means for U.S. companies, and that lifting the tariffs is a good-faith mechanism towards a successful USMC trade agreement.

Gandolfi, further explains how American workers will benefit from the updated USMC trade deal and finally through tough negotiations, America will find itself much better off than deals in the past. On another front, this also signals to the Chinese that fairness in trade is the cornerstone of success, and the Chinese best be prepared to come to the table with the United States.

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