Peter Fader: Harpooning the type of client that can maximize value to a business


Peter Fader, co-author of, “The Consumer Centricity Playbook”, updates with Kurt Schemers and Don McKelvey on Traders Nation® what strategic course businesses should take to maximize the client experience and customer loyalty. But, what’s critical in this process is not to cast a fishing net for as many customers as possible, but, to focus on harpooning the type of client that can maximize value to the business.

Additionally, Fader lays out the tools business owners have available to them to bring in the customer data, make sense of it, and use that information as leverage to garner valuable customers businesses should be going after. For instance, businesses want to know what their “Customer Lifetime Value” is by determining past purchasing history, how often, how many transaction will the client make, and how much will the customer spend moving ahead.