Danielle Shay: Bearish and looking to short as markets weaken


Danielle Shay, Director of Options and Trader Specialist, at Simpler Trading, updates with Kurt Schemers and Don McKelvey on Traders Nation® of Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) $5 billion stock buyback program after negative news reports wiped an astonishing $50 billion worth of market value. Was the announcement coincidental to the negative press the company has been getting? And, will the company actually be able to pull off such an impressive plan?

Additionally, Shay was previously trading healthcare, staples, and utilities, but tells us she’s Bearish on the market since discovering the strongest sectors are even trading lower. Shay shifts into shorting the market especially several of the highest brand-named tech companies. Watch/listen in as we finish off 2018 and see what we could be in store for in 2019.

S14E50 – 12/20/2018